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A bright and artistic child, it was clear from an early age that Nick Bibby was destined for a career in art.

Nick’s sculpture is imbued with such life and character. His affection for his chosen subjects shines out for all to see. It is truly rare to find an artist with such a talent. The ‘Bibby’ sculptural style, whilst very definitely figurative (to Nick’s eye, all his subjects are beautiful and he strives to recreate that beauty) he is quite unique in his approach. Fascinated by both form and detail he models with a fluidity and energy that few can equal, simultaneously and effortlessly combining that energy with a jewel-like attention to detail, resulting in sculptures that look as though they live and breathe. Both the sculptures and Steve Russell’s exquisite photography of those sculptures are beautiful works of art, be they bird, animal, or human. With subjects ranging from small to monumental, Nick’s work is owned and admired by an ever growing number of collectors, including royalty, politicians and business leaders, diplomats, famous authors, artists, actors and musicians.



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