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The Steve Russell Gallery, Limited Edition Prints- About Us:

Welcome to The Steve Russell Gallery. A space to exhibit, connect and share.


Drawing inspiration from his 25 years experience of working with artists and sculptors, Steve Russell is proud to introduce to you the Steve Russell Gallery-an online photographers and artists gallery which aims to showcase the enormous range of talents from a selected group of artists, sculptors and photographers.


The Steve Russell Gallery was developed and created online to complement the existing photographic gallery in the Studio. Steve felt it pertinent to promote the successful collaborations between himself and a wide range of artists, many of whom he has enjoyed a successful working relationship with for long over a decade. The Gallery acts as a valuable interface between artists and potential clients, and gives our artists a much wider platform for exhibiting their work, as each relationship benefits from the association with our Gallery and the family of artists within.


We have a light and airy Gallery space within our studios, which always exhibits a wide variety of work. Please call us on 01453 885884 to arrange a visit.


If you are an artist or sculptor who wants to widen your exposure and are interested in becoming an exhibitor at The Steve Russell Gallery, please contact us to arrange a visit. We can photograph your work, produce books/catalogues, produce videos, build your website, produce high quality prints and sell them online in our Gallery. One of the benefits of becoming one of our selected artists is the opportunity to tap into the enviable relationships that we have built up in the industry over the past 25 years.


One such collaboration is that between Steve and internationally acclaimed sculptor Nick Bibby who have enjoyed a successful 15 year working partnership.


The Steve Russell Gallery gives you the opportunity to browse and buy Nick Bibby’s Limited Edition prints, where possibly the original piece of sculpture is a touch out of budget. What a perfect way to start your collection!


Time-consuming to produce, Steve has gone back to the earliest techniques of photography to create these unique images. Having commissioned specific colours on plates of bronze, he then fits his photograph to the patina, sensitises the plate with a liquid silver emulsion and develops his photograph directly onto the plate. The primitive chemistry of patination with the chemicals of photographic developement produces an alchemy that more often than not fails but when successful, produces a wonderful amalgam of image, process, colour and character. Incidental effects of silver layers, raw bronze, scratches and brush marks bring a sculptural depth to the two-dimensional plate, and a true connection between subject and image.